Reviews for Songs From The Swing House w/ Lao Tizer:

Sounds of Timeless Jazz: " well as dynamic covers of “Pride  (“In the Name of Love,”) and “Sad Lisa,” which were sung by Tita Hutchinson. Her delivery of these classics skyrocketed them to another energy level which boasts her formidable vocal chops."

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Jazz Weekly: "...Hutchison’s voice delivers a hip reading of Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On” as well as a lilting and pastoral take of Cat Stevens’ “Sad Lisa”..."

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Five Finger Review:  "... Hutchison’s interpretation of the melody is outstanding, soulful and with a nice dose of blues embellishments. This is very hip; the band is on fire and Hutchison blends nicely within the bands style and dynamics."  

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Reviews for Hello Love:

Ultimate Studios, Inc. on recording the EP Hello Love: 

Audrey E.  of Start A Rumpus Productions says:

Hello Love is one of those albums that you feel as though you've had your whole life that you've grown up with like Tapestry.  As each song comes on, it feels both exciting as you don't know where Tita's incredible mastery of range will take you with her voice or her pacing - but at the same time, you feel as though you could almost sing along (as if you could sing like that, ha! good luck!)  Her ability to make you feel as though you're in some cool NYC jazz club in the past but somehow with an artist of the future makes you want to just listen to this album on repeat.  "After Always" gets me every time.  I always find something new in that song I didn't notice before.  If you don't have this album, why are you still reading this review?!  Go get it!  If you do, a glass of wine and this record should cure whatever ails you.


Moses Ibrihim - Singer/Entertainer says: 

I absolutely love this Ep Hello Love. The songs are so captivating and soothing. It reminds me of a Bonnie Raitt type vibe. I play it all the time. The vocals and instrumentation are just on point. Titah did her thang!!!!


Marlon Saunders - Arranger/Singer/Vocal Coach says:

It really is a beautiful recording! Tita's voice is so beautifully warm!


Musicians Institute web feature:

Tita Hutchison (Vocal Instructor) is a featured vocalist on Foreigner’s latest 3 disc box set titled: It Feels Like The First Time.  On the second disc: Juke Box Heroes, Foreigner decided to do brand new digital recordings of their greatest hits and that’s where you can hear Tita sing on one of their biggest: I Want To Know What Love Is!  

Tita said about the experience “You know, when I got the call I was so excited and surprised!  It’s funny how things work: You meet people through the years in this industry and weave in and out of their lives doing various gigs and so on, and it’s really a wonderful and transient life. I’ve been fortunate enough to know Jeff Pilson (Foreigner’s bass player) for many years and the opportunity never quite gelled for us to work together until now.  So when he called and asked if I would sing on the ad-lib part towards the end of the song - my favorite part! (Sorry!) - I jumped on it so fast that I don’t think he got to finish his sentence. If you’re lucky the work is constant and the people are great, and I must say I have been blessed.” 

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Club 1508 Artist Spotlight: (A big thank you to Andre Ford for reaching out to me!) "...Her album “Hello Love” is a wonderful display of her talents, especially her soulful sound, and her passion for making good music...."  

Entertainment Drive Thru: I had the privilege of speaking with the wonderful people at Entertainment Drive-Thru. It's a fantastic podcast hosted by Dan and Anna Zerin.